Actor, director, writer and stunt co-ordinator SHAUN PICCININO is set to attend this year’s HOLLYWOOD HORRORFEST. SHAUN, whose recent Award winning feature “The Lackey” is set for release in September 2013, will discuss how he finally brought his script to the big screen and the trials and tribulations of finding and securing distribution in today’s market.

Here’s singers TL FORSBER’S wonderful new music video inspired by the reign of terror of Elizabeth Bathory, the “Blood Countess.” “LIQUID LOVE” is from the busy Director/Producer team (and our good friends and festival panelists) JOHN V. KNOWLES & LOTTI PHARRISS KNOWLES of WEIRDSMOBILE PRODUCTIONS.  Looking forward to seeing their debut horror feature CHASTITY BITES – which is currently in post production.  Hopefully we’ll be hearing more about that when they attend the festival later in the year.


We’re pleased to announce that MILES FLANAGAN, Director (& Founder) of the outrageous and uniquely entertaining BOOBS & BLOOD FILM FESTIVAL will be attending this year’s festival.  Promoting industry mixer events as well as film festivals since 2010, FLANAGAN certainly knows a thing or two about old-school ballyhoo and publicity – bringing burlesque humor, and Hollywood glitz & glamor to every occasion.  The beautiful, blood spattered BOOBS & BLOOD Awards (actress & Award winner REIKO YAMAGUCHI seen holding it) were personally designed by BOOTY BABE artist SPENCER DAVIS.  Award honorees also include ROGER CORMAN, YUTAKA IKEJIMA & QUENTIN TARANTINO.  FLANAGAN will certainly have some great insight into on how best to sell and promote your  work and how to make the most from the festival circuit.



Those two crazy mother’s of cinematic mayhem, JOSEPH GUZMAN & ROBERT HAYES – the Producer/Director/Writer team responsible for the perverse classics, RUN, BITCH RUN, the beautifully titled NUDE NUNS WITH BIG GUNS and the soon to be released BACK ALLEY BUTCHER – will be at this year’s HOLLYWOOD HORRORFEST.  We look forward to hearing from them at one of the many industry panels scheduled during the event.