Opening Day “VAMPYRES” Charity Screening – with ANULKA in-person

HOLLYWOOD HORRORFEST plays host to a rare CHARITY screening of José Ramón Larraz’s acclaimed 70s lesbian vampire classic VAMPYRES (1975) with star ANULKA DZIUBINSKA in-person. So pull up your nylon flares and get ready to be transported back to a world of depravity and seduction in gloomy 1970s Britain.

The film focuses on pair of young vampiric women who lure passers-by to their decaying country mansion to satisfy their sexual blood fetish. Though that description sounds like countless other erotic chillers of the day, what makes this film particularly unique and successful is in its execution. Cinematic auteur José Ramón Larraz wraps the film in a cloak of almost dialogue-free erotic dread. Resulting in a taboo-breaking, erotically charged, blood soaked horror like no other.  A cult classic that truly deserves its reputation. So don’t miss this rarely screened gem with its star ANULKA in attendance.

Award winning actress ANULKA DZIUBINSKA will be on hand after the screening as she discusses her film career in 70s British horror, living in swinging London, being a Bunny Girl, Playboy Playmate and the stars she met, and how she survived working with legendary ‘enfant terrible’ director KEN RUSSELL on the set of LISZTOMANIA, with Roger Daltrey and Ringo Starr. 

ANULKA will also be receiving HOLLYWOOD HORRORFEST’S first HALL OF FAME Award for her work in this groundbreaking, and eminently enduring classic. She will be also available for signings after the screening. Seating is very limited. So get your tickets now. 

The event is a fundraiser for the KEEP-A-BREAST FOUNDATION.

Tickets and more information:

Date: Sat Nov 04 2023

Time: 02.00pm (Los Angeles)

Location: Jaxx Theatre, 1089 North Oxford Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90029