Official Selections – Feature Scripts

This Year’s Official Feature Script Selections include (excludes winners):

Congratulations to all those accepted.


Turnover by Matthew Borlik 

No Escape by Patrick Zelinski

Dislodged by Joey Kent

Just the Wind by Saul Berenbaum 

The Blight by Jeffrey Stackhouse

Hunger by Michael Haddock

Monger by David Axe

Bound by Australia Kincannon

Friday Night Frenzy by Richard Stringham

Safe House by Helen Marsh

Should I Die Before I Wake… by Nicholas Zingarelli 

Discarded by Nick Bankhead

Roman Candle by Derek Abbott 

Adaro by John Saunders

Rush Week  by Michael Bretten

Survive The Night by John Saunders

Sex! Music! Death! by Bruno Subbarao

Zombie Plane – Hollywood Horror Fest by Bill Hargenrader

Skin-Walkers by Christian Walker

Who Could Love A Monster? by Gemma Paul


The Immortal Jack the Ripper by Phillip Hardy

Bite Marks by Jay Strong

The Catacomb by Carlos Burgaleta

Just Juliana by Eric Weber

10 Sinners by David Tamkin 

Cove by Thomas O’Malley

Violate by Judah Ray

Angie, Baby by Thresa Richardson

Escape From Lake City by R. L. Beeman 

Welcome to the Hotel Chateau Cheveux by Michael Snow 

Dead Cargo by Theodore Carl Soderberg

The Blood Grinder by Dave Conte

Final Hours by Stephen Kayfish

Wolfe Of Canyon Diablo (Revised Draft) by Neil Hoover

Awaken the Reaper  by David Campfield

The Haunting of Reactor Five by Robert Cox

Evil Spirit by Glenn Lissner

Among Us by Arturo Portillo

Big Rack Candy Mountain by Al Kline

Displaced by Josh Atkinson