John Landis Honored with the 4th Annual Vincent Price Award

The HOLLYWOOD HORRORFEST film festival wrapped this weekend with the 4th Annual VINCENT PRICE AWARD, which this year honored JOHN LANDIS. The award is given to artists who have created iconic work equal to the late, great master of menace. In this case for the hugely influential and game-changing John Landis written & directed classics AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON and MICHAEL JACKSON’S THRILLER.

It was a wonderful afternoon with the Landis family coming to celebrate Price’s film career and art legacy. Vincent’s daughter, VICTORIA PRICE presented the award and also gave an enthralling and moving talk on her father and his passion for the arts. The award was followed by a informal conversation with festival head, MILES FLANAGAN, discussing these two iconic films and their continued popularity and cultural impact.

The event was a fundraiser for the VINCENT PRICE ART MUSEUM in East LA.