Official Selections – Short Scripts

This Year’s Official Script Selections include (excludes winners):

Congratulations to all those accepted.


The Soul of Meghan Cromwell by Mike McDonald

Hell of a Pitcher by Daniel Burity

Stories To Make You Run Fast by Maxence Rapp

Rock of Ages by Alexandra Keister

The Devil Knows You’re Dead by Lee Chambers 

The Garden by Guillermo Ortiz 

One Bad Day by Garrett Benningfield

AirB-N-Blood by Aaron Barrocas 

We Are The Last by Zeus Kontoyannis 

Behemoth by Davi Silva 

Coin Laundry by Christopher Mitchell

Smile by Rachel Brewer

Bad Dreams by David Dau Henry

Love Thy Neighbour by CJ Barnes 

Ganglers by Mark Renshaw 

Betsy by Salvatore Genna

The Visitor by Donnalyn Vojta 

Room Service by Henry Brown

Where Dreams Go by Ryan Riddle

Invisible Monster by Matt Harris-Freeth 


Voyeur by Travis Darkow 

Skin and Bone by Blythe Beard-Kitowski 

Murder by Catfish Russ 

Boogeyman Bait by Kay Phillips 

Cry Wolf by Jack Reilly

Out of Mind by Martin Richmond

Nocturnal Affairs by Qais Faraj

Grrrr! A Zombie Love Story by Samuel Fisch 

Sleeper by Kris Ketonen

The House of Flesh and Bones by Mike W. Rogers 

Chocolate & Strawberry  by Lisa Geis 

Gender Reveal Party by Alison Parker 

Recurse by Lucas Vossoughi

Homunculus by Will Berry 

Demon Inside Me  by Brandon Rutherford

Found by Eduardo de Moura

Killer Klown Kop by Eduardo de Moura 

Help Me by Dave Thomas

Glockenspiel by Peter Barlage

Caged by Travis Darkow