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Friday 9th August’s Opening Night W.Coast Premiere of EXORCISM AT 60,000 FEET was not only SOLD-OUT but also brought the film 4 major festival awards. In attendance were writer/actor and producer ROBERT RHINE, director CHAD FERRIN, composer RICHARD BAND and stars ROBERT MIANO, LANCE HENRIKSEN, BAI LING, BILL MOSELEY, KELLI MARONEY, SILVIA SPROSS, MATTHEW MOY, GINO SALVANO, DAN BENTON, JEFF BLUMBERG, LUCA PENNAZZATO, CRAIG NG, BRAD SERVER, JIN N TONIC and SAMMY THE DWARF. Pretty much the entire cast.

After an audience pleasing screening BAI LING was presented the HHF Best Comedy Actress Award, RICHARD BAND the Best Original Score Award, ROBERT MIANO the Best Actor Award and Producer ROBERT RHINE the Best Horror Comedy Feature Award.

A lively Q&A followed with journalist & author PAT JANKIEWICZ. We’ve never seen so many stars on-stage at the same time.

To add to the fun, star LANCE HENRIKSEN was clearly moved when presented with the festival’s IMPACT AWARD, an award he very clearly was not expecting. The evening raised funds and awareness for the VINCENT PRICE ART MUSEUM.




Hollywood legend LANCE HENRIKSEN received the coveted IMPACT AWARD last Friday August 9th at HOLLYWOOD HORRORFEST 2019. The star of film classics ALIENS, THE TERMINATOR and NEAR DARK was happily surprised on-stage with the award presentation by festival founder MILES FLANAGAN and journalist & author PAT JANKIEWICZ. Mr. HENRIKSEN was at the festival as part of Friday’s EXORCISM AT 60,00 FEET Q&A panel and had no idea he was about to be given the award. The IMPACT AWARD is presented to an artist whose work has positively impacted genre filmmaking. And with a body of work that not only features the aforementioned classics but also includes THE RIGHT STUFF, JAGGED EDGE, THE PIT & THE PENDULUM, TALES FROM THE CRYPT, ALIEN 3, HARD TARGET, THE QUICK & THE DEAD, THE X FILES and MILLENNIUM to name but a few, Mr. HENRIKSEN truly deserves this accolade. 

As several cast members of EXORCISM AT 60,000 FEET received festival awards on-stage Mr. HENRIKSEN joked, “Well I hope I don’t receive an award” only to be clearly moved when the IMPACT AWARD was presented to him “This Is Your Life” style. Previous recipients include HALLOWEEN co-composer ALAN HOWARTH and the late, great character actor DICK MILLER.

On Saturday, August 10th, at the HOLLYWOOD HORRORFEST, actor SID HAIG became the 3rd annual recipient of the event’s prestigious Price Award – created to honor the iconic legacy of Vincent Price by celebrating an equally iconic genre icon.

The jet black Raven was bestowed onto Haig by VICTORIA PRICE herself, Price’s daughter. She delivered a touching speech explaining how Haig, like her famous father, embodied “the onscreen bad guy you secretly root for!”

The crowd at this invitation-only fundraising evening for the VINCENT PRICE ART MUSEUM, featured many of Haig’s costars from other projects, including Bill Mosely and Robert Mukes, Dee Wallace and Ken Foree, as well as HATCHET’S Adam Green, previous PRICE AWARD recipient Joe Dante, plus Belinda Balaski, Robert Rhine, the directors of THE AFTERMATH and HANUKKAH and many more.

A visibly moved Haig surprised everyone, as he held his Price Award and recounted a previously untold of meeting with Vincent Price. 

“I was casually dating a girl (who went unnamed) who invited me to the set of her movie, TALES OF TERROR. Once there, I met Vincent Price and spent the day with him and forgot all about her! I just loved him!

“We talked about everything. He was a gourmet cook and I wasn’t, but at least nobody died from my cookin’,” Haig joked.

Phaedra and Tate, the actor’s children, were in attendance.


“Growing up,  whenever Dad was on TV, my brother would always say, ‘what does Dad die in tonight?’, because he ALWAYS got killed!

“This Price award is so sweet, because it shows how much people love Dad.It’s still weird to see Dad on a t shirt, toy or tattoo, because to us, he’s Dad!”

The HOLLYWOOD HORRORFEST was held August 9th and 10th at the Mayflower Club in N. Hollywood.

Another famous guest, or more specifically famous vehicle, joins the all-star cast for the Opening Night screening of EXORCISM AT 60,000 FEET. The Girls and Corpses famous 1959 Cadillac hearse (Miller Meteor) which stars in Avril Lavigne’s new music video “I Fell In Love With The Devil” :  will be parked at Hollywood Horrorfest Friday August 9th for the Horror Comedy’s West Coast Premiere.

The restored vintage black ’59 Cadillac hearse has been featured in numerous music videos and movies, such as SUBURBICON, directed by George Clooney (starring Matt Damon and Julianne Moore) and in EXORCISM AT 60,000 FEET.

Tickets for the West Coast Premiere & Opening Night of HOLLYWOOD HORRORFEST can be purchased for only $10 in advance.

Stars Bill Moseley, Lance Henriksen, Bai Ling, Kelli Maroney, Robert Miano and the rest of the cast will be at the screening for a lively Q&A with journalist/author Pat Jankiewicz. We also promise a few big surprises along the way.

Tickets in advance available, while stocks last, at:

Doors Open at 7.00pm. Film begins at 8.00pm.

Full bar at the venue – bring ID

The 3rd Annual HOLLYWOOD HORRORFEST takes off on Friday 9th August with the star-studded, red carpet West Coast Premiere of “Girls & Corpses Productions” Horror-Comedy “EXORCISM AT 60,000 FEET.” This special event features the film’s cast on-stage, including horror legends LANCE HENRIKSEN (Aliens, The Terminator, Millennium) and BILL MOSELEY (The Devil’s Rejects, 3 From Hell), with ROBERT MIANO (The Girl’s Trip, Donny Brasco), BAI LING (Crank: High Voltage, The Crow), KELLI MARONEY (Night of The Comet, Chopping Mall), ROBERT RHINE (Cynthia, Dracula In A Women’s Prison), MATTHEW MOY (2 Broke Girls), SILVIA SPROSS (Giallo), CRAIG NG (A Low Down Dirty Shame), GINO SALVANO (True Lies), SAMMY THE DWARF (Bleeding Steel), BRAD SERVER (Curly’s of The Three Stooges grandson) and the film’s composer RICHARD BAND (Re-Animator, Troll, Puppet Master). More guests TBA.

On the last flight of a transatlantic airliner, a priest and a rabbi team up with the passengers to save the plane from a pandemic of demonic possessions which spread through the passengers and eventually to the pilot. Can they land and survive this Exorcism at 60,000 Feet? 

Writer/Producer Robert “Corpsy’ Rhine, who also play Rabbi Feldman, says: “We are extremely excited to see Exorcism at 60,000 Feet with an audience and we were thrilled to be accepted by Hollywood Horrorfest. We had a blast making the film and hope the audience can survive the flight! Seatbelts provided.”

The screening will be followed by a lively Q&A with the cast and journalist/author Pat Jankiewicz with a few surprises along the way.

“We’re big Girls & Corpses fans here and can’t wait to screen this. It’s a movie that needs to be seen with a large audience – it’s a real crowd pleaser,” says festival Director Miles Flanagan.

This is the 2nd feature from GIRLS & CORPSES’ Production arm after their critically acclaimed CYNTHIA (2018). Written and Produced by Robert “Corpsy” Rhine the film is directed by Chad Ferrin (Parasites, Someone’s Knocking at The Door) and promises to be one hell of an evening – it’s a Girls & Corpses Production after all! 

“Genre fans are going to lose their shit when they get an eyeful of Exorcism at 60,000 Feet. A balls out tribute to horror’s golden age from the boys and girls at Girls and Corpses, Exorcism at 60,000 Feet is everything you would expect from the title and so much more. Writer/producer Robert “Corpsy” Rhine (Cynthia) and director Chad Ferrin (Someone’s Knocking at The Door, Parasites) have rounded up all the best and bloodiest talents from the genre, unleashing them on a plane for what promises to be this year’s most garish, gory and unforgettable splatterpiece.” – Silent Motorist Media

HOLLYWOOD HORRORFEST continues all Saturday August 10th with screenings of the best in world horror shorts and features. The festival raise funds and awareness for the VINCENT PRICE ART MUSEUM. Check their website for full details.




7.00pm Doors Open and red carpet photos.

8.00pm Film Screening.

9.30pm Q&A with the cast moderated by author Pat Jankiewicz.

BRITISH MAYFLOWER CLUB – 11110 Victory Blvd., N. Hollywood, CA 91606.

Seating is extremely limited so book in advance. 

Tickets in advance available at:

It’s great to read that CASSANDRA PETERSON’S PRICE AWARD meant so much to her, as it meant so much to everyone here at HOLLYWOOD HORRORFEST too. We couldn’t have had a funnier and more gracious Honoree than Ms PETERSON this year. Thanks CASSANDRA for making 2018 a great return for HHF! You created the iconic ELVIRA and for that we salute you!

Read the full HUFFINGTON POST interview here: 

Thanks also to VICTORIA PRICE, RYAN WHEARTY and HALEY WHO for helping create this amazing award and of course to the great man himself, VINCENT PRICE. From the Prince of Horror to the Queen of Horror.

Hollywood’s go-to Sculptor and Creature Designer of the Oscar winning SHAPE OF WATER, MIKE HILL, receives the first ever MONSTER MAKER OF THE YEAR AWARD at HOLLYWOOD HORRORFEST 2018.  Given to a Monster Maker whose work is of particular importance the year of the festival, the award is in recognition of MIKE’S wonderfully rendered amphibious creature, the first ever classic monster to be in an Oscar Winning Feature Film. Congratulations MIKE, whose impressive resume includes sculpting for THE WOLFMAN, MEN IN BLACK 3 and APOCALYPTO.

Living legend CASSANDRA PETERSON, last week was honored with the prestigious PRICE AWARD, at a SOLD OUT HOLLYWOOD HORRORFEST. Given to an artist whose work has achieved iconic status in the horror genre, the award was presented by both VICTORIA PRICE (through a digital presentation) and in-person, by R.C MATHESON (son of legendary writer RICHARD MATHESON). R.C’s father wrote many of the VINCENT PRICE screenplays that were so wonderfully parodied in ELVIRA’S HAUNTED HILLS. The presentation was followed by a screening and cast & crew reunion of the cult classic ELVIRA’S HAUNTED HILLS. All making the Opening Night of HOLLYWOOD HORRORFEST one very special evening.