The World’s Only 30th Reunion Screening and Live Concert for John Carpenter’s beloved and timely They Live took place at the Hollywood Horrorfest on Friday, July 27th 2018. This unique fundraising event benefited the Vincent Price Art Museum in E. Los Angeles.

The night kicked off with electronic music legend Alan Howarth – the co-composer of numerous John Carpenter soundtracks – receiving the Impact Award for his outstanding contribution to the horror genre. Howarth then performed an amazing concert of his work, playing music from Carpenter classics such as Halloween, Big Trouble in Little China, Escape From New York and of course They Live – a score that has come to represent so much more over the years.

Asked about playing live on-stage, Howarth stated, “30 years ago, I never thought we’d still be playing this music and it’s a thrill to do it today.”

Immediately after the concert the feature film THEY LIVE (1988) was screened. This was followed with a very lively film crew Q&A with Alan Howarth (composer), Gib Jaffe (editor) and Whitney Scott Bain (PA), moderated by journalist/author Pat Jankiewicz. Sadly actor Peter Jason had to cancel due to last minute work commitments. 

Throughout the evening the festival raised funds for the VPAM with some amazing They Live-themed raffles. Prizes (courtesy of 8BitZombie and Trick or Treat Studios) included deluxe They Live Rubber Masks, awesome Hoffmann Lenses, special They Live stickers & bubble gum and those ultra cool They Live shades.