FRIDAY 28th MARCH (Day 1)

All FREE tickets are available ON THE DOOR 20 mins before each “in-competition” screening.


  • 3.30pm – 5.10pm – BILLY CLUB (W. Coast Premiere) FEATURE FILM #1 (in competition)  plus short film THE TALISMAN (10mins) Dir. EDWIN PAGAN  TICKETS FREE
  • Intermission/networking 20 mins
  • 5.30pm – 6.40pm – SHORTS PROGRAM #1 (in competition) World Premiere Horror shorts from around the world. TICKETS FREE 
    Pity (5m) Dir. John Pata
    Territorial (11m) Dirs. S.C.Tapia & J.Cutright
    Bright Eyes (4m) Dir. Jamie Rivera
    Tokyo Hunt (5m) Dir. Chia Ying Tsai
    Edward the Damned (15m) Dir. J.Weckworth
    Trauma (7m) Dir. Jeremy Berg
    Happy Birthday Mr Zombie (7m) Dir. D.Leclercq
    Entity (15m) Dir. Laurent Fumeron
  • Intermission/networking – break for dinner

HHF Opening Night & “THE HOWLING”

HHF OPENING CEREMONY, red carpet, guests, tributes, trailers, classic feature and Q&A. Cool giveaways and horror-themed, fundraising raffles throughout the day.


  • Intermission/networking


  • 11.00 pm – 1.00am – AFFLICTED – WEST COAST PREMIERE Screening. Writer, Actor, Director team in-person. TICKETS FREE



The day begins with several INDUSTRY PANELS, RED CARPET SCREENINGS – followed by our AWARDS CEREMONY in the evening.

All FREE tickets are available ON THE DOOR 20 mins before each “in-competition” screening.

  • 11.50am – 1.00pm – SHORTS PROGRAM #2 (in competition) TICKETS FREE 
    Tin & Tina (12m) Dir. Rubin Stein
    Evaded (10m) Dirs. J.Persson & R.Wessberg
    Mother's Cure (12m) Dir. Jenn Page
    Luna (12m) Dir. Antonio Perez
    Identity Theft (15m) Dir. Bryan Baca
    Service (8m) Dir. Jerry Pyle
  • Intermission/networking 10mins
  • 1.10pm – 2.20pm – SHORTS PROGRAM #3 (in competition) TICKETS FREE 
    Gone in the Dark (16m) Dir. Steven Moreno
    Day of the Girl (3m) Dir. Lucy Rodriguez
    Hunger (18m) Dir. Brian Frager
    El Matador (4m) Dir. Gigi Saul Guerrero
    Red Dirt (13m) Dir. Arnold Chun
    Bar Talk (15m) Dir. Lowell Northrop
  • Intermission/networking 10 mins


  • 2.30pm – 4.20pm – THE LACKEY FEATURE FILM #4 (in competition) TICKETS FREE
  • Intermission/networking 20 mins


  • 4.40pm – 7.00pm – PANEL – “How to Finance, Produce, Sell & Distribute Your Indie Horror” – a panel of industry lawyers, producers, sales agents, directors and distributors.  TICKETS FREE 
    Erik Lundmark - (CEO of LEOMARK Studios)
    Lotti & John Knowles (Prod./Dir. CHASTITY BITES) 
    Marlon Schulman (Attorney, CEO of Horror Equity Fund) 
    Bianca Goodloe (attorney at Goodloe Law) 
    Candace Leung (VP Business Affairs/Legal Counsel at Cinedigm Distributor)
    Matt Chassin and Kevin Michaels (Talent Manager and Marketing Consultant) 
    Joseph Guzman & Robert Hayes (Prod. Dir. NUDE NUNS WITH BIG GUNS) 
    Rolfe Kanefsky and Don Glut (Horror Directors) and Shaun Piccinino (CEO Truly Indie Studios)

HHF Closing Night & “Return of the Living Dead”

HHF Closing Night join us for the final HHF Awards Ceremony, plus a fun red carpet ROTLD cast & crew reunion. Beautiful 35mm print. Plus cool giveaways and horror-themed, fundraising raffles throughout the day.



See *GUEST LIST page for details.

*program subject to last minute change.   *all guests subject to schedules and availability.

Film clips are of submitted films and are presented for HHF promotional purposes only They do not reflect the final selected or winning entries. Successful entrants will be notified in March.


Other FILMS ‘in-competition’ (but not being screened)

Due to limited time these feature films could not be screened, but are ‘in-competition.’

  • BACKWATER  dir. Christopher Schrack 
  • EVIL NEVER DIES  dir. Martyn Pick
  • AFTER DARK  dir. Rico Johnson

UnProduced Scripts ‘in-competition’

The following selected un-produced scripts are ‘in-competition.’

  • Devil’s Hammer by Craig Walendziak
  • Scythe by Terence Mitchell Thibideaux
  • Death & the Widow by Gregory Fishwick
  • Hannah’s Birthday by Juliet Bergh
  • Santa Muerte by Ben & Tyler Soper
  • Iron Dogs by Neil Chase
  • Dead Tissue by Sallie Pritchard
  • THEINN by Joshua Lee