A Big THANK YOU To Our Judges

HOLLYWOOD HORRORFEST may be over for 2021, but we wanted to take this time to thank our wonderful volunteer judges. Couldn’t do it without you. Here’s to you all!

Phil Condit – Producer, Writer, Director

Tammy Hunt – Talent Manager, Producer

Nancy O’Brien – Director, Producer, Writer

Aaron Jay Rome – Actor, Writer, Director, Producer

Jolin Crofts – Producer

Frank Di Muccio – Writer, Director, Producer, Actor

James Moorer – Screenwriter, Author, Producer, Voice Actor

Paula Pilotte Lauzon – Actress, Director, Producer

Giulia Governo – Cinematographer

Adam Sartain – Actor, Producer

Damien Gerard – Actor, Voice Actor, Director

Victoria Stevens – Writer, Actor

Lar Park Lincoln – Actor

Mark Moran – Producer, Screenwriter, Director

Koushik Chattopadhyay – Writer

Eric Pereira – Writer, Director 

Haben Merker – Screenwriter, Director, Producer.

Ryan Murphy –

Marlissa Conroy – Actor

Katherine Botts – Writer, Co-Producer.

Pat Jankiewicz – Author, Journalist